{think cute designs} pack a little love and inspiration! lunchbox notes for teens!

it seems hard to believe that it was three years ago that i designed my very first set of lunchbox notes. that collection, the original collection as we call it, was very special to me. i believe that in doing in the little things – like packing a sweet note -you are creating lasting memories in the hearts of the little people you love. i remember my mom writing notes on our napkins that were so neatly packed next to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. my boys outgrew lunchbox notes LONG ago. entering middle school meant that packing a note was OFF LIMITS. in fact, after packing a lunchbox note i was given FIRM instructions “never to do that again!”. although i understood that my boys had passed this phase of life, i began to realize that i needed to design a collection that would grow with them.[paragraph split]launching a new website means that i have had the opportunity to redesign some of my favorite collections. i could hardly wait to get my little design hands on this one – it was the perfect time to design a set of lunchbox notes for teens. i wanted to create a collection that would speak words of inspiration and encouragement along with a message of unconditional love. the pre-teen and teen years haven’t been the easiest in our household. although it seems like the boys need me less, i know that they need my love and attention now more than ever. this collection was designed with my boys in mind. the designs are a piece of me and you will see my heart in each one. these little notes are not just another design to put up on a website, they are notes that speak a message i want my boys to hear. i know that packing these in their lunches is out of the question, but you can count on the fact that they will begin finding them on the bathroom mirror, under their pillows and at their place at the table. in this collection you will find three sets of four notes. the full collection contains all 12 note cards and the cutest packaging.  i have created a tutorial that you can find here explaining in detail how to assemble your lunchbox notes.

lunchbox-notes-for-teens_12 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_03 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_02 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_01 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_10 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_09 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_08 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_07 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_06 lunchbox-notes-for-teens_05

pack a little love. pack a little inspiration. pack a little encouragement. and always remember that you are packing memories.

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click here for the complete collection.

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