{think cute designs} you make my world BRIGHTER!

i am fortunate to be surrounded by many people who make my world BRIGHTER! but, there is one person – a very special person – who was the inspiration behind this collection.[paragraph split]this past friday, i was privileged to spend the entire day with my good friend Rebecca at an amazing and so very inspirational conference. she is a young entrepreneur who i met several years ago when i still worked for our local chamber. she is smart. she is courageous. she doesn’t take no for an answer. she is persistent. and she has encouraged me and cheered me on so many times. rebecca owns corks and colors canvas and pottery studio. i love her story. i love her heart. in fact, this is an excerpt from her about page.

“Corks and Colors Studio started out as a seed planted in my heart. I went to a similar class a few years back and fell in love with the concept. As I finally came to a point where I could start my own dream business and we taught our first class on July 31st, 2010. Since then, we have added more classes, an open studio and new products. My love for funky things and red wine comes to life as I watch all of our guests become artists.[paragraph split]In my home country of Costa Rica, there is a little place where I go to listen to music. While I am there, I dance as if I was the only one on the dance floor, sip my wine and sing along loudly. The staff there knows my face and they always made me feel comfortable, which is precisely the feeling I want you to have when you come to Corks & Colors Studio.[paragraph split]We hire artists based on their personality to help achieve our mission of showing you how to create your very own masterpiece as we laugh, paint, sip our way to an experience that will not only be remembered forever, but can be re-created as many times as you like![paragraph split]If you walk in feeling excitement and leave feeling peace, then every bit of hard work and sacrifice I have put into my business has been vindicated. So come in, get comfy and set yourself free as we give you a creative license for a night!”[paragraph split]Rebecca is also the founder of mommypreneur! this mommy+entrepreneur, Rebecca teaches how to successfully start your business, run your business and succeed at being a fabulous mommypreneur! she is one talented lady!

i wanted to give Rebecca a little gift as a thank you for inviting me to attend the conference as her guest. it was important to me that the gift be useful, creative and meaningful. i remember pinning a cute craft project on pinterest. it was perfect. washi tape and tea lights would make such a whimsical gift – especially if presented in a clear glass mason jar! that left only one thing.  i would need a cute tag to go with it. so, to the design board i went and this sweet little collection was created.[paragraph split]this collection contains three designs. hanging gift tags, circle tags {three different sizes with the smaller two having a simple single candle design} and note cards. this collection will make a sweet gift for those in YOUR life who make it shine just a little bit brighter. use the note cards to send a handwritten note and the hanging gift tags to decorate that special gift. i hope that you will enjoy this collection as much as i plan too!

you make my world brighter you-make-my-world-brighter_05 you-make-my-world-brighter_04 you-make-my-world-brighter_02 you-make-my-world-brighter_03 you-make-my-world-brighter_01

thank YOU for making my world BRIGHTER! you truly do!

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you can find the complete collection here!

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