{things i love} Play-Doh celebrates National Play-Doh day!

National Play-Doh day, September 16th

did you know that today, September 16th, is national Play-Doh day?

knowing this, i thought that it would be fun to share with you a few fun Play-Doh facts!  {from the ever reliable Wikipedia}

  • Play-Doh was first manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio as a WALLPAPER cleaner in the 30’s.
  • it became available for purchase in the retail market  in 1956.
  • more than TWO BILLION cans of Play-Doh were sold around the world between 1955 and 2005. {did you buy one of those cans?}

children all over the world play with Play-Doh expressing their creativity, learning fine motor skills and identifying colors. Play-Doh is truly a part of our little one’s childhood.  from classrooms to art rooms to the dining room table children are sculpting, mixing colors and using their imaginations!

looking for more ways to play and learn with Play-Doh?  here are a few of my favorites!

want to throw a Play-Doh birthday party? this one is just darling!

don’t you just love the smell of Play-Doh?  there is something about it that you can you back in time and just make you smile!  i was amazed at how much Play-Doh had changed over the years with the many added colors, Play-Doh making machines and more! i might just need to go buy some for myself since my boys have long passed the age of creating with Play-Doh.

Play-Doh makes a wonderful and creative gift for birthday parties, party favors, teachers and so much more.  if you are looking for a fun and cute way to package and give Play-Doh as a gift, these adorable printables from my friends at Everyday Party Magazine are perfect.

now for a little Play-Doh inspiration.  aren’t these Play-Doh sculptures just fantastic?

National Play-Doh day, September 16th National Play-Doh day, September 16th National Play-Doh day, September 16th National Play-Doh day, September 16th


so go grab a container of Play-Doh and surprise your little ones today with a little Play-Doh celebration!

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