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A girl without freckles is like a night without stars FREE printable from Lauren McKinsey

four years ago today my lifelong friend Kristi lost her battle to stomach cancer.  i shared several times on my blog about Krisit {here and here} and today wanted to CELEBRATE her with you.

to celebrate my amazing red headed freckled friend!

to share a fun quote that i designed in honor of Kristi that i hope makes you smile. and for those of you out there with freckles {i am married to a man with lots of them} this quote is for you too!

Krisit was an amazing woman.

  • an amazing momma.
  • an amazing sister.
  • an amazing daughter.
  • an amazing wife.
  • an amazing friend.
  • an amazing cook.
  • she had an amazing voice.
  • Kristi was an amazing human being.

i wish you could have known her. if you had you would have loved her.

  • she was funny and her laugh contagious.
  • she was real.
  • she was authentic.
  • she had a servant’s heart.
  • she knew how to make others feel special.
  • she was full of life.

she knew how to love! 

as i look over my life there are so many Kristi memories. oh, how i love this girl!

my Kristi

Kristi was my friend. a true friend. she loved me unconditionally and that was priceless.

my Kristi

my Kristi!

my Kristi

Kristi is part of an amazing family! i don’t have enough words to express how much her family means to me, and i count myself blessed to be a part of her family. i grew up alongside her two sisters and our friendship is strong many decades later!

my Kristi

four years later Thanksgiving at the Lake {we have spent Thanksgiving with Kristi’s family for MANY years} doesn’t quite look the same. we are missing our fourth girl. although she is not there in person she is in our hearts.

her sisters, brother, parents and children all have that same Kristi spirit. funny, loving, caring, compassionate, humble, giving, helpful, kind and full of life.

she continues to live on through the lives of others. my life is forever changed having known her. so many others can say the same!

my Kristi

Kristi’s funeral was standing room only. over 1000 people FILLED the church to honor a woman who had touched the lives of so many. to honor our red headed freckled Kristi!

A girl without freckles is like a night without stars FREE printable from Lauren McKinsey

Kristi, i love you with all my heart. i am so grateful to have known you and to call you my friend. you are missed. oh, you are missed. thank you for loving me – unconditionally.

your family continues to amaze me. they are strong and courageous. they are brave. they miss you. it just isn’t the same without you you here.

your children are growing up. your boys are so handsome and your daughter gorgeous just like her momma! i see so much of you in them. oh and Ethan. how you would love him.

four year later and it still seems unreal. but, i smile through the tears because you my friend make me smile!

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