Lauren McKinsey Cute Club membership year in review

it seems hard to believe that it was one year ago that we launched our brand new exclusive Lauren McKinsey Cute Club membership.

as a Cute Club member you can download everything in our shop for one low monthly or annual price.

we promised our Cute Club members at least one new printable collection a week and in a year we designed 72!

we held our breath, crossed our fingers and toes, pushed the “GO” button and launched our membership program.

we are so incredibly delighted with the response our membership/subscription program received. our membership continues to grow and we thank you!

so without further adieu here is our 2014 Cute Club membership year in review!

Lauren McKinsey Cute Club 2014 year in review

if you are a Cute Club member we wanted to show you what we have been busy working on this year and how as CC members you are reaping the rewards.

if you are NOT yet a Cute Club member, we would love for you to become one. it’s easy and oh so worth it!

thanks for being a part of our Cute Club. we are so excited to have you!

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