our story

i will always remember the exact moment i decided to pursue a career in digital graphic design. it was during a lunch meeting with a then stranger. i was so inspired by the creative, self-taught genius sitting across from me i absorbed every detail of his story. his passion. his love of design. it sparked something in me that had been missing for some time. that lunch forever changed my life and makes me unbelievably grateful to my now friend giovanni, who without intending it, inspired me to not simply follow my dreams - but CHASE them.

i called my husband and informed him that i wanted to start a design company. not wasting time, we purchased an imac and adobe illustrator. though in school at the time, my husband spent his spring break with lynda.com, poring over tutorials about digital design so that he could help me follow my design dream. for the next two years i spent my time designing and filling custom orders, slowly putting designs into our online store. i continued to work in the corporate world, all the while dreaming of the day i could devote full-time to designing.

our third year in business proved to be a game changer, as lauren mckinsey transitioned from a hobby to a viable company. my husband began working for the company full-time, designing a new website and laying the ground work for me to leave my real world job.

in may, 2013, i was presented with two opportunities: one, to further my corporate career in north carolina {a state that we love and will one day move to} or, two, take a huge leap of faith and design full-time. after much thought and discussion, jim and i knew, without a single doubt, it was time to focus on lauren mckinsey. our business had reached a point where it not only needed, but required, my full-time attention.

i love the quote, “if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.” making the decision to leave my corporate job scared me - it really scared me. leaving a job with a good and steady salary took a tremendous amount of faith, but we decided to chase the dream! i am one lucky girl to spend the day working with my husband. we are finally a full-time team - excited for what lies ahead.

meet my hubby. my business partner

i would be remiss if i didn’t introduce you to my amazing husband, jim! i could not do this without his support. he has shared this journey with me every step of the way and is always behind the scenes not only cheering me on, but also working as our web designer, computer geek, customer support and photo editor. i am one very lucky girl! they say that every family has a story. ours is unique. in 2012, i wrote a blog post honoring the man that jim is. i would love for you to read that post!

why we do what we do

i absolutely love what i do. i love designing. it is my desire to provide you with both cute designs {printable} and inspiration to celebrate events - BIG and little. i am a huge believer in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. i hope my designs allow you to do just that. maybe you need a birthday party printable collection for your little one’s celebration, or a cute gift tag to remind your child’s teacher just how much you value him or her. lauren mckinsey is here for all your celebratory needs.

as we continue to build our company and establish ourselves in the printable world, my husband and i are dedicated to providing you high-quality printables at a great price. i believe you can create something spectacular without breaking the bank. sometimes tying a cute tag to a box of brownies or leaving a bag of decorated hershey's kisses on someone’s desk is all it takes to make someone’s day, or perhaps, impact a life forever. lauren mckinsey is here to give you the cute touch you need.

and finally

thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world. i smile at each email that pops into my inbox and the pictures so many send to show me how they have used our printable designs. lauren mckinsey is not just a design company. it’s my dream. it’s my passion. it makes me smile. it makes me hop out of bed in the mornings excited to have the privilege of doing what i love each day.

my heart is full of tremendous gratitude for all who have helped make this dream become my reality.

remember…think cute!