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teacher gifts. end of the school year gifts :: school themed tin can wrap printables

School themed printable tin can wraps.

it seems a little hard to believe that the school year is quickly coming to a close. how is that even possible? as we begin the countdown to summer i have a wonderful, easy and unique gift idea for your little one’s teacher. in fact, these “tin can wraps” would be a fun gift to […]

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let’s be real. funny & encouraging parenting printables.

Funny & humorous parenting printable cards, gift tags, signs and more from Lauren McKinsey

several years ago i was complaining to my husband about my older son’s behavior. as my venting session came to an end my husband said the following… “kids suck the JOY out of parenting!” oh, wasn’t that the truth! i have repeated that quote over and over again to myself and to my friends over the […]

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{cute club} downloading your files as a CUTE CLUB member!

CUTE CLUB members can download everything in the Lauren McKinsey store with their monthly or annual membership

you are now an official CUTE CLUB member!  welcome!  but now what?  this post is designed to answer ALL your questions and show to how to download all the files in the Lauren McKinsey store. PLUS, as a CUTE CLUB member you now have access to over 30 classic collections previously published but not yet […]

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