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{guest blog post} FALL printables :: FREE pumpkin gift tags

FREE Halloween printable gift tags from Lauren McKinsey :: pumpkin gift tags

it is officially fall in gorgeous North Carolina.  in fact, today marks the 3 month anniversary of arrival to this state!  we are having a blast hiking, mountain biking and watching the leaves change!  our weather has been glorious putting me in the best FALL mood! pumpkins are everywhere.  front porches are decorated for Halloween […]

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{guest blog post} conversation starters for kids :: a guest post for eighteen 25

Conversation starters for kids FREE printables from Lauren McKinsey

Some of the best conversations that you can have with your children is over dinner or riding in the car.  You have a few minutes where they are sitting down and somewhat have their undivided attention.  Even as my children have now grown into teenagers I find that I learn the most in that 10 […]

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{guest blog post} {FREE} matching and memory cards

Sometimes I think that I missed my calling and should have become a kindergarten teacher.  I have always had a passion for early childhood education and love anything that is CUTE and INSPIRES learning.  Like the game of memory – it’s always been one of my favorites.  A fun game with cute graphics that teaches […]

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