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hand lettered adulting stickers for moms – for SPORTS moms!

Adulting stickers for moms - for SPORTS moms!

either you are one or you know one or two…the sports momma who is loud. the sports momma who gets VERY involved in the game. the sports momma who has a tendency to yell a little too passionately – at the coach. at the ref. and her kid. at your kid. the sport momma who […]

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Lauren McKinsey on Etsy :: adulting stickers for mommas!

Adulting/Reward stickers for Moms from Lauren McKinsey on Etsy

have you seen the funny Adulting Stickers for moms popping up in your friend’s facebook posts, on Etsy and other social media sites? i have! so, my creative little mind decided that i should design a set all my own. a sticker set that “screamed” Lauren McKinsey & would make mommas out there smile! it’s […]

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Lauren McKinsey on Etsy :: Father’s Day gifts for EVERYONE!

Father's Day Gifts. Father's Day Quotes. Father's Day Home Decor. Father's Day Wooden Blocks. First Father's Day gifts

with Father’s Day just a few weeks out i am excited to introduce our NEWEST gifts in our Etsy Shop! our Father’s Day wooden blocks are fun. inspirational. meaningful & full of gratitude. with 11 designs to choose from you will find the perfect gift for your kiddos to give their dad for you to […]

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superhero mom notepad :: i’m a mom. what’s your superpower?

Mom notepad. To do List. I'm a mom. What's your superpower? Lauren McKinsey on Etsy

moms are pretty spectacular! they juggle multiple job titles all while raising little people. with all those things to do. places to go. stuff to pack. appointments to schedule. groceries to buy. lunches to make. this notepad is the perfect to-do list for writing it all down in one place! plus, it’s adorable which makes […]

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let’s be real. funny & encouraging parenting printables.

Funny & humorous parenting printable cards, gift tags, signs and more from Lauren McKinsey

several years ago i¬†was complaining to my husband about my older son’s behavior. as my venting session came to an end my husband said the following… “kids suck the JOY out of parenting!” oh, wasn’t that the truth! i have repeated that quote over and over again to myself and to my friends over the […]

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