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recipe :: birthday cake oreo cookie balls

i was grocery shopping last week and i spotted these birthday cake oreos.  PERFECTION!  we were celebrating my youngest brother's 30th birthday in just a few days and they would be the perfect dessert to bring.  although he had already requested key lime pie i knew that my sweet little niece and nephew would be delighted with this little dessert.  so, i grabbed a pack {and the lemon oreos too} along with a few ingredients i would need and headed home to make them.

years and years ago my husband attended a meeting where oreo cake balls were served at the dessert table.  he loved them so much he asked for the recipe – which he promptly brought home to me.  i still have that hand written recipe and have used it countless times!  oreo cookie balls make a […]

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{printable designs} {think cute tutorials} photo books! a guest blog post with Eighteen 25.

Photo books from Lauren McKinsey for the blog Eighteen 25. Free printables included.

Last November, I had the wonderful opportunity to photography some sweet friends of mine and their handsome little guy!  Their little boy, who was just about to turn one, LOVED looking at the back of my camera and seeing himself after each photo was taken.  He would kiss the little boy he saw in the […]

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{printable designs} sharing the love with little love notes

i was so excited to write this blog post originally for the girls at eighteen 25!  it launched in january and with Valentine’s day just a week away i thought it was the perfect time to re-share the post!   i am over the moon excited to be a part of eighteen 25’s creative team! […]

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{think cute tutorials} a THANKSGIVING tutorial – LITTLE TURKEY favors

Thanksgiving turkey favors from Lauren McKinsey

if you are looking for a fun and easy Thanksgiving craft activity this weekend i have just the thing for you.  in fact, this activity is a great way to involve your little turkeys in the Thanksgiving week and day plans as well.  i was really hoping to make several of these for Parker’s teachers, […]

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{think cute tutorials} SIMPLE and CUTE Thanksgiving treats!

Simple and cute Thanksgiving treats tutorial

one of my favorite things to do besides design is to bake!  in fact, at my previous job at the Chamber of Commerce in our city i was rather known for my baking.  since i no longer have a building of co-workers to bake for my family and the boy’s teachers are reaping the benefit […]

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