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FREE Thanksgiving printable :: thankfulness plan & gift tags

Free Thanksgiving Printable - Thankfulness tracker & gift tags

i love November! i love that it’s a reminder to be thankful and grateful for all that we have. for those in our lives. for the freedoms we have been given. for the everyday luxuries we take for granted. this year, i have been reminded over and over again that people can make an incredible […]

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a {FREE} gardening printable :: green thumb approved

FREE gardening planting printable :: Lauren McKinsey

gardening and planting is like therapy to me. i absolutely love to have my hands in the dirt and i love the satisfaction that comes when my plants thrive. now when they don’t thrive – that’s another story! i haven’t yet decided if i have a GREEN thumb yet since this is my official first […]

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{life and lauren mckinsey} {free printable} my Kristi!

A girl without freckles is like a night without stars FREE printable from Lauren McKinsey

four years ago today my lifelong friend Kristi lost her battle to stomach cancer.  i shared several times on my blog about Krisit {here and here} and today wanted to CELEBRATE her with you. to celebrate my amazing red headed freckled friend! to share a fun quote that i designed in honor of Kristi that i hope makes […]

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{life and lauren mckinsey} {FREEBIE} reading glasses for the GLAMOUR girl inside of you!

Reading glasses for the glamour girl inside of you

CLICK HERE for the FREE glamour glasses printables that you see in the post! i am pushing 40!  like really pushing 40!  age has never been an issue for me, but for some reason turning 40 is kind of beginning to freak me out.  i find myself standing in the mirror squishing up my face […]

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{guest blog post} conversation starters for kids :: a guest post for eighteen 25

Conversation starters for kids FREE printables from Lauren McKinsey

Some of the best conversations that you can have with your children is over dinner or riding in the car.  You have a few minutes where they are sitting down and somewhat have their undivided attention.  Even as my children have now grown into teenagers I find that I learn the most in that 10 […]

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