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let’s be real. funny & encouraging parenting printables.

Funny & humorous parenting printable cards, gift tags, signs and more from Lauren McKinsey

several years ago i was complaining to my husband about my older son’s behavior. as my venting session came to an end my husband said the following… “kids suck the JOY out of parenting!” oh, wasn’t that the truth! i have repeated that quote over and over again to myself and to my friends over the […]

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summertime sign & activity sheets to entertain the kiddos

Watermelon, ant, ladybug, ice cream cone and bumblebee summer essentials printable and activity sheets from Lauren McKinsey

it’s officially summer and just in time to celebrate the months of no school, outdoor activities, family vacations, cookouts and watermelon i created this printable collection that makes me smile! you will find our whimsical and colorful bumblebee, ants, ladybugs, ice cream cone and watermelon on this adorable sign and our craft sheets! it will […]

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inspire others to turn ideas into dreams & a book from Compendium

Turn ideas into dreams inspirational printables from Lauren McKinsey

i love books that inspire passion & encourages it’s readers to follow their dreams. one of my favorites, what do you do with an idea? from Compendium, is brilliantly written and illustrated. i ordered it last year after seeing it featured on a blog and have read it time and time again. the message is simple. […]

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{printable designs} throw kindness around like confetti :: an inspirational printable collection

Throw kindness around like confetti printable collection from Lauren McKinsey :: 8 x 10 inspirational quote

CLICK HERE for the complete collection. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the quote “throw kindness around like confetti.”  it makes me happy and reminds me to always be kind, compassionate and caring.  i do love inspirational quotes and this one tugs at my heart strings. i love the idea of hanging this quote on a bulletin […]

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{FREEBIE} keep SPLASHING out kindness!

FREE printable from Lauren McKinsey :: splash out kindness

two weeks ago i was sitting at Parker’s basketball tournament scrolling through facebook waiting on the next game to start.  a post from a sweet friend caught my eye.  in the post she shared a sweet conversation she had with her preteen daughter. during this interaction, the daughter shared with her mom that another adult […]

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