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{think cute designs} all you need is love…

yesterday i was faced with a pretty big to-do list. one of the things LOW on the priority list was coming up with new designs. what was TOP on the list was re-designing the home page of my website. i will admit that i was lacking the inspiration for the re-design project. so, i decided […]

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{things i love} {think cute designs} a valentine’s day give away

i am a huge fan of tadpole and lily! have you taken a peak at their website? everything about this company is gorgeous and beautiful down to their most perfect packaging and adorable company name. i was delighted when alex agreed to do a giveaway with me. actually honored is a better word. i could […]

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{things i love} {think cute designs} the lOvE yOu jar

we have all had those times when a little smile, an unexpected hug or the just the right word makes a huge difference in our day. sometimes we don’t realize how much they can mean. there are some very special people in my life that i wanted to do that for. since i wouldn’t be […]

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