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what candy would i need to purchase to use your different candy bar wrapper designs?

although we have used hershey’s products to show you sizes and examples, any brand of candy in the correct sizes will work as well.

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where are your clear glass milk containers from?

do you know that starbucks’ frappuccino jars make the cutest milk bottles?  they do. just peel off the label and you have a cute drinking container.  i have also been known to dip the tops of the jars into white chocolate and then roll in sprinkles.  it makes the little people squeal with excitement!

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where do you purchase your cute party supplies from?

i typically order all my party supplies, such as cupcake liners, straws, party bags, etc., from shop sweet lulu her shop has a wonderful assortment of great party products, and i always receive my order in record time.  i have always been delighted with her service and selection.

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what size punches will i need for cutting out your printables?

it is not necessary to use punches to cut out the circle tags. you can cut them out yourself using a pair of scissors.

however, if you choose to use a punch, our circle tags come in three sizes.  you will need the following size punch for each tag.

  • 3” circle punch for the 2 1/2″ tag
  • 2” circle punch for the 1 3/4″ tag
  • 1 ½” circle punch for the 1 1/4″ tag

if you use a scallop punch, i would suggest going a bit larger for the punch size.

all other designs can be cut out using a pair of scissors or a paper cutter.

you can purchase punches at any craft store or order through amazon.   i have been very happy with my eksuccess brand punches.

{note: although i use eksuccess brand products, there is no compensation being received for the above product endorsement.}

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what type of paper do you use for each printable product?

we use bright white 110 pound card stock for printing the following products:

  • advent calendar
  • anything labels
  • baby wishes
  • banner
  • birthday wishes
  • book labels
  • canvas squares
  • circle tags
  • coasters
  • food toppers
  • gift tags
  • hanging gift tags
  • hershey’s kiss stickers {i often use card stock and glue on using a glue stick}
  • invitation
  • mason jar toppers
  • menu
  • school tags
  • name tags
  • note cards
  • place mats
  • plastic bag fold over labels
  • signs
  • student name tags
  • tent cards
  • thank you cards

we use “regular” printer/copy paper for printing the following products:

  • bubble bottle wraps
  • all candy bar wrappers
  • drink wraps {you may also want to use waterproof paper}
  • granola bar wrappers
  • hershey’s nugget wrappers
  • ice cream cone wrappers
  • pail liners
  • push pop wraps
  • straw flags

we use full sheet adhesive- backed paper for printing the following products.

  • hand sanitizer labels
  • hershey’s kiss stickers
  • wrap around address labels

i use this full sheet sticker paper from Amazon.   full sheet adhesive-backed paper can also be purchased from office supply stores.


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